Welcome to Motion Motoren

Motion India is the fastest-growing Electric Motors business house in India (in process of obtaining ISO 9001 Certification). it's kind of only one business house.
We are having Over 2 decades of experience to serve the nation by maintaining the Quality and Services for Electric Motors.
We do cater for the need of Machine Tools, Blowers and Fans, Pumps, Air-Conditioners, Compressors, Material Handling Equipment, Cranes and hoists, Textile Machinery, Cement Plant, Pharmaceutical Machinery, Packaging Machinery, Construction Equipment, General Engineering Applications and also we do have a customised design for a wide range of applications.

Why Choose Motion Motoren

  1. Complete range of IE2 & IE3 motors on IS:12615-2011.
  2. Customised Electric Motors.
  3. All motors are suitable for 50°C ambient temperature.
  4. Top of the line bearing system from SKF.
  5. 100% CRNGO imported silicon stamping.
  6. Motors with all aluminium construction up to frame 132M for lightweight applications
  7. Fastest Delivery of Customized Motors